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Happy Madness Day!

2010-09-22 01:28:20 by Wyvernhunt

Whoooho! Madness Day again!

...Dude, why are you reading this?? Go watch all the Madness instead!

Edit: I don't have anything new to say, so you'll probably see this post some more time. So eat a cookie and go play some games or watch even more awesome madness!

Edit again: Awesome pic, right? :3

Edit edit: Do you guys remember the movie I was planning to make? Well, first of all something got fucked and some scenes got deleated. Second, I'm to lazy to compete it (don't worry, it was damn short anyway). I'll give you a link to what's left soon, so you can whatch the fail C:
Edit: Here it is...

Happy Madness Day!

Yay :3

2010-08-14 05:19:12 by Wyvernhunt

Well, it was to long time ago I posted something... so why not make a new one :3

Also, I'll upload some tests here. So stay tuned :D
Power of the Agent

Thats it for now :)

Edit: Changed my pics, so press that F5 :D


2010-07-09 12:26:18 by Wyvernhunt

lol :3
Take a look at the test! Thanks to MissingUsername for the idea ;)
F******ck! Going to a mission, and it will take a week. That means: no newgrounds and no animations :'( Feel free to drop a comment anyway, I'll response in a week :/
Edit: I'm back!


Working on the movie

2010-06-28 02:29:34 by Wyvernhunt

Now it's starting to go slow, but that's becouse the to maincharacters is killing like 5 enemies at the same time :)
For some time ago I had hoped to be finished by now, but I'm far from 5400 frames (3 minutes). But it shouldn't take so long time, so I should at least reach 1000 frames in a week or to ;)
I'll post some screeen-shots later ;)
Edit: 701 frames ;D
Edit again: 1000 frames ^^
And a scen is going to be redone (it's only 100 frames long now, but will probably be 200-300 frames when I'm done)
Sorry guys, no screen-shot yet :/

Teh fuck!?

2010-06-27 10:42:51 by Wyvernhunt

The icon on Some random Madness is fucked upp! Fuuuuck! Anyone got a tips on what I can do? (There is only this 140 x 90 size-thing that is upploadable :C)


2010-06-09 12:08:08 by Wyvernhunt

Well guys you have to check out my new preloader Teh Epic Preloader ;)

Btw the movie is going fine ;)

Edit: Made a test for some reason ;)
And the movie is 413 frames long :/
Edit again: The movie is already 630 frames long :D

The Madness is going well

2010-05-29 05:04:09 by Wyvernhunt

The movie is about 20 seconds right now ;) So I felt for uploading a pic of it XD
(She is looking at the door so you can't see her face ^_^)

The Madness is going well

Wat the..!

2010-05-13 11:59:25 by Wyvernhunt

Well as some of you maybe know I'm in the army. Sadly I were shot yesterday (in the arm so don't worry). This means I can't do so much else then realax actually. So I decided to draw a picture of myself =) Though on this picture I'm a little happier XD
(Yes it's in my right arm but I can still draw! And the other wounds I drawed is almost healed by now.)

Wat the..!


2010-05-08 04:55:54 by Wyvernhunt

From an upcoming short!
Edit: It's already finished :)


Now THATS a mech!

2010-04-02 11:44:13 by Wyvernhunt

Oh well, what about this?
Edit: Added shadow, glowing eyes and some better fire. You can still PM me ^.^

Now THATS a mech!